Join across the Church for Child Safe Sunday and other activities

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Every child and young person in our Church deserves to feel and be safe, to thrive and be healthy

   How to be involved  

Child Safe Sunday, September 5

Raise awareness of our shared commitment as a Church to keeping children and young people safe.

As you gather on Sunday September 5 with your community for worship, please include our resources.


Encourage children and young people to get creative

I feel safe when ...   Colouring-in and art activity 

These activities can be supported by meaningful conversations with children and young people about UCA being a safe church.

What makes them feel safe? Do they know what to do if they feel unsafe? 

The  Resources page has helpful tools to support conversations, such as Tools for Listening, and the UCA National Child Safe Principles posters (in multiple languages) located under the Congregations & Presbyteries tab.

Art activity

Children and young people are invited to get creative using the theme, I feel safe when ...

Create individually or as a group in any size and medium. Consider displaying artworks at church or at home.

Share the creativity! Send a photo or scan of your artwork to National Safe Church Unit and it could be shared in UCA's social media and publications or in a 2022 safe church e-calendar. Please take a photo or scan of your completed artwork, complete this consent form and email both to by September 30, 2021.  Looking forward to seeing your artwork!


Join the conversation: online forum for Ministry agents

We are a safe church when...

Join John Cox,  Director, National Safe Church Unit and Sarah Lim, National Director, UCA Redress Ltd for a discussion about what we are doing as a Church to safeguard children and young people; trauma-informed response; and grooming.

Wednesday 8 September 12pm-1pm EST on Zoom.

Register here  for link to the forum.

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A safe Church is who we are called to be